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virgo Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

Virgo, as a mutable earth sign ruled by quick-moving Mercury, the master of information and communication, you pride yourself on being practical, logical and precise. As the world moves toward less predictable times, will your motivation still come from common sense, practicality and logic this year?

As we look at your ruler Mercury heading through four retrograde periods in 2024, you’ll notice that this year all retro cycles are in fellow earth signs (Capricorn as the year begins and again in December, Taurus in late April, your own discerning sign in late August). 

With these logical, grounded placements, you’re able to stay calm and avoid a lot of the chaos that other signs will experience during these rough backward transits. Structured Saturn is feeling rebellious during its placement in air sign Aquarius at the start of the year, encouraging you to get out of your routine and try new things that will help you reach your goals. If you’re willing to work slightly outside the confines of the rules and change up your routine, you can excel at most assigned tasks.

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