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virgo Monthly Horoscope

Month of June 2024

In the Spotlight

Get ready for a very exciting month ahead, Virgo! There is so much to look forward to, and a lot of your progress will come down to your ability to communicate with those in positions of power and responsibility. With a focus on your career sector and you in the spotlight, this is the ideal time to forge ahead spectacularly. Plus, with a dynamic and far-reaching influence on June 2, you are well placed to seize an opportunity that could boost your chances of soaring to great heights.

The new moon in Gemini angles toward prudent Saturn on the sixth, so you’ll want to root out anyone who seems to be holding you back. Whether they’re jealous or don’t want to see you get hurt, you can’t let their mindset affect your bold and audacious plans. You know what you want, so don’t let anyone get in your way.

You’re also ready to explore new opportunities and ease out of your comfort zone as go-getter Mars moves into steady Taurus on June 8. It enters your travel zone, so you’ll have a strong desire to leave the known and embrace the unknown.

There is also a very sociable focus showing up as lovely Venus, chatty Mercury, and the radiant sun move into Cancer and your friendships zone on the sixteenth, seventeenth, and twentieth, respectively. Your friends tend to feel like family, so this can be very rewarding and nurturing time for you.

This is also an opportunity to network with those who can assist you with your goals and plans. You’ll have charm and vitality, and you’ll also have the ability to empathize with those you connect with. This makes you very likeable, and people will be easily drawn to you.

Finally, the Capricorn new moon angles toward ethereal Neptune on June 21, so take extra care around that time. It would be easy to be misled by false information or get involved in a misunderstanding. Avoid making any key decisions and commitments for a few days.

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