Daily Planetary Overview

About Daily Planetary Overview

Oct 23, 2021 - Today’s Gemini moon shares a minor frustration with the Scorpio sun. This is an uncomfortable energy that can bring out the awkward disconnect between heart and mind, something that some of us will be feeling throughout the day.The Gemini moon also shares a gentle connection with Saturn, currently in Aquarius. Again, this can add a tinge of frustration because you may feel stifled and lost concerning how to assert your emotions without having a temperamental meltdown.The same applies to how you connect with those you care about. Using your words wisely is important, but you could make the occasional mistake here and there. Instead of ignoring them, some people won’t be amused by the accidental cavalier word choices you use throughout the day, and there could be confrontations. Hopefully, Saturn can allow us to maturely make up with those we have issues with.A connection between the Gemini moon and the north node of destiny makes us feel as though the events of the day are fated. If arguments occur, it’s meant to improve the dynamic between you and others. Think of this as a chance to clear the air by hitting the reset button, as well as an opportunity to mend any inner turmoil that may surface throughout the day.