ox Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Good contacts with your friends, but your edginess will sometimes disconcert them. The atmosphere of your family may be electric if you don't succeed in controlling yourself and remaining unruffled. Contacts with foreigners will be very much favored. You'll feel a compulsive desire to spend your money. Your joints may be sensitive; don't make too strenuous efforts. True love will be within your reach this time.

October 23,2021

React immediately before depression degenerates into a nervous breakdown; don't stay in your corner. Try to control your aggressiveness and impulsiveness -- at first, it will undoubtedly be difficult, but what a victory over yourself when you've succeeded in controlling your emotions! You'll this time have your heart torn between stability and the need to live new amorous adventures; you'll find it most difficult to find your center of gravity. Your mate or near ones might reproach you for your fickleness.

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