Today Overview

A Day of life, Day of pure consciousness.

Enjoy life, the Sun; pay attention to yourself and your inner Self. Good for enjoying work related to Nature, work related to gold, copper, trees, silk, fire, coronation. Control your anger and ego. Don’t be lazy, rude or violent.

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Events Of Interest!!

Macedonian King and Conqueror of Persia

Alexander the Great

1st Sultan of Egypt and Syria


French Emperor

Napolon Bonaparte

3rd Vice President of the United States

Aaron Burr

US President

Abraham Lincoln

US President & Union General

Ulysses S. Grant

26th US President

Theodore Roosevelt

Archaeologist and astronomer

A. E. Douglass

Chinese Military and Political Leader

Chiang Kai-shek

Dictator of Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister

Winston Churchill

Soviet General Secretary

Joseph Stalin

34th US President & WWII General

Dwight D. Eisenhower


Bob Hope

American Baseball Player

Roger Maris

36th US President

Lyndon B. Johnson


Mary Tyler Moore

Prime Minister of Canada

Pierre Trudeau

MLB Player and Manager

Pete Rose


Christopher Walken

Comedian and Television Host

David Letterman

LPGA Golfer

Sherri Turner

MLB Star

Andre Dawson


Riddick Bowe

42nd US President

Bill Clinton

NHL Coach

Mike Babcock

44th US President

Barack Obama