Health Horoscope

aries Health Horoscope

Feb 3, 2023 - There is conflict between your internal and external power sources while today's planetary transit lasts. Pay attention to conflict and try to use it to your benefit. With your nature, this can be a challenge. When faced with a conflict, ask yourself what is your desired result? A little bit of forethought can mean the difference between a breakthrough and a breakdown. To calm your nerves during these moments of conflict, drink chamomile tea, and don't forget your exercise.

Feb 4, 2023 - With today's planetary positioning, there is potential for expanding your world in innovative and creative ways. The celestial energy relates to the body today. Can you see how your body might benefit from this atmosphere? A light fast, perhaps, or a new approach to food altogether could come out of this transit. Look at your physical condition and focus your intention on what you would like to change most radically. Then go for it!

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