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leo Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

You love to be right in the middle of things, Leo, but as you plunge into the new year, teacher Saturn has other ideas. Selfishness between early January and the start of March can create some real problems as this wise planetary influence in your house of relationships tries to teach you more about being part of a couple (or family or friendship) than strictly being focused on just yourself.Rebellious Uranus starts the year headed retrograde through mid-January, signaling that a change is in the works, but your reluctance to go with the flow will be pretty obvious to everyone around you. 

It’s not that you’re totally unwilling to get creative and innovative, but you prefer the proven methods right now. If someone can show you proof that an alternative way of doing things will be successful, you might loosen your grip on your steadfast routine.

Of course, you always have the late summer months to look forward to as you celebrate your birthday at some point between late July and late August and you can finally get all the attention you crave and feel you deserve!

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