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leo Health Horoscope

Dec 3, 2023 - If you are feeling overwhelmed today, give in to your nurturing qualities in order to protect yourself from any harm. Don't push yourself. If you can get some kind of exercise in it is recommended but remember that rest is as important as activity. Treat yourself to a hot bath with drops of lavender oil and take some time by yourself to write in your journal or listen to music. The way we treat ourselves when we feel under the weather deeply affects our health.

Dec 4, 2023 - If you miss sleep or skip meals, you are likely to say things you regret. Keep this in mind today. Bite that tongue, turn those words into thoughts, and let it go. Isolate yourself in a comfortable way. Recognizing when we don't want to be around people is very important. Your own mind has oodles of information to give you if you will listen. Feeling irritable is a sign that "you have mail." A breathing or yoga session at home highly recommended.

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