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Month of October 2023

A New Routine

Taurus, the emphasis on your lifestyle sector until October 23 could inspire you to make changes that have been in the cards for a while. What you’re looking for is balance and the opportunity to work smarter rather than harder. What don’t you like doing? Whatever it is, think about jettisoning it so you can focus on those things you enjoy or that pay better.

Make use of the solar eclipse in Libra on the fourteenth to make long-lasting changes. If you’ve been thinking of leaving a job and moving to something more engaging, or taking steps to get fitter and healthier, this is the time to start. What you begin now could have a very positive and uplifting effect that you’ll appreciate further down the line.

On October 8, convivial Venus moves into Virgo, which can highlight your creative and romantic side. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work, especially if you have a skill or talent that has remained hidden up to now. You could be surprised by the number of people who are interested.

The focus becomes more intense when fiery Mars enters Scorpio and your sector of relating on the eleventh. Mercury and the sun move into this sign a couple weeks later, so there could be some powerful moments in key bonds and associations. You might want to rewrite the script that underpins an important relationship, especially if you become aware of unspoken ideas or beliefs that are holding things back.

You could have some dynamic conversations too, and the outcome could be that important situations and issues change for good.

Finally, there’s a powerful lunar eclipse in your sign and across your relationship axis on October 28. This could intensify feelings and highlight any issues that have been swept under the carpet. Whatever changes you make now could be major turning points that take your bond in a new direction.

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