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gemini Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

Let’s face it, Gemini, you’re the chatterbox of the zodiac. You have a curious mind and an incredible way with words, and you definitely aren’t afraid to speak your mind. As a mutable air sign, you not only go with the flow, but you love the exchange of information, which is why you excel at all things related to communication, especially social media.Mentally agile Mercury, your home planet, has four retrograde periods this year, all of them passing through practical earth signs. Plan on dealing with breakdowns and misinformation from a common-sense perspective so you can get through these cycles relatively unscathed. 

Ambitious Saturn spends the first two months of the year in kindred air sign Aquarius, which helps you diversify your goals, formulate new plans and just generally be a little more open-minded and unconventional. 

Saturn turns retrograde in gentle Pisces between mid-June and early November, giving you time to do some serious soul-searching (perhaps about your career) and giving you the chance to correct (and apologize for) any mistakes you feel you’ve made that have impeded your success.

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