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libra Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

Hardworking Saturn sets the overall mood this year, Libra, and its journey through unpredictable Aquarius as the year begins could give you major FOMO. The sense of urgency to branch out and experiment with new things is very real now because Saturn in offbeat Aquarius until the start of March urges you to be totally and uniquely yourself. 

Lovely Venus, your home planet, enters friendly, experimental kindred air sign Aquarius early in January, putting you in a social, outgoing mood. You’re ready to shake things up, especially regarding romance and money, and you’re able to look at most situations from a logical rather than emotional perspective.

Making solid decisions now is easy when you weigh the pros and cons of potential outcomes, Libra. The Venus retrograde cycle lasts from late in July to early September in outgoing Leo, so you won’t shy away from past issues that crop up during this time frame.You shine as the sun kisses your lovely sign between late September and late October, when your main concern will be finding that perfect balance in life. Juggling a career, family and social life isn’t always easy, but you really put out the vibe that you have it all together now.

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