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libra Health Horoscope

May 28, 2024 - When creating your healthy lifestyle, it's important to set specific goals within a specific timeframe. Be careful, however, not to over-estimate your goals or to expect immediate results. Focus instead on taking some action each day, no matter how small. Once you've got this going, you will be able to shift the focus to what else is important to you. You may need more in your life to balance your personal health goals. Is there a volunteer organization that appeals to you?

May 29, 2024 - Give yourself plenty of room today. Your need for independence is high, as is your need to concentrate on yourself. You may worry about what others think of your behavior, but the truth is they have their own behavior to worry about. Take action for your health today - that is how you will get your space, your concentration, and feel like you are making progress. Remember, there is no step too small. Choose to have choice in what you eat: organic is worth it!

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