Health Horoscope

sagittarius Health Horoscope

Jun 5, 2023 - For every pharmaceutical treatment, there is a holistic way to take care of yourself! Pay attention to where you get your knowledge regarding wellness. Do you rely on what your parents taught you? (How is their health?) Do you believe what's written on all the packaging you buy? Do you have a friend or two who seem "tuned in" to holistic health care practices? Open yourself to receiving knowledge from new sources and notice the healthy difference it can make in your life.

Jun 6, 2023 - As you take charge of your health, you may feel at times that there is a bit too much to keep track of! Diet, routine, exercise, illness, sleep - and everything else that is involved with this thing called "self-love." This is why you have friends. Your friends can help you assess your situation and figure out the best course of action. Sometimes laughing away the tension is all you really need!

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