Health Horoscope

sagittarius Health Horoscope

Feb 3, 2023 - Today's planetary aspect will enhance your awareness of health issues. Your personal power is greatly aided also, as these energies can also act to powerfully enhance the challenging aspects of your personality. As other challenging transits are present, this could possibly mean drama. So as not to lose your balance, stay adhered to your health routine - especially exercise!

Feb 4, 2023 - Today's transit could motivate you to try new things in the exercise department. You will feel drawn to those activities that you can do with friends - or those activities you can do in order to make new friends, if possible. Look into the things you've had in the back of your mind - bike trips or even running a future marathon for a good cause like supporting medical research. These activities generally attract "good" people who, like yourself, value health and friendship!

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