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capricorn Health Horoscope

Feb 3, 2023 - Your usual groundedness and balance is a saving grace during times of troubled waters - and when a challenging aspect occurs it's time to hold on to what makes you feel secure and not let go! If you sense conflict with your loved ones or your boss, give yourself the benefit of isolation and distance. Keep your feelings close to your heart and move through this difficult period with the self-assurance that a solid health regimen can give you. Pay close attention to your body.

Feb 4, 2023 - Today's aspect is one of the most beneficial transits, emotionally speaking. Often you feel torn between lofty pursuits and everyday living. Lofty pursuits are easier, in a way; difficulties arise with everyday living, where other people's sensitivities clash with your own. The energy of the day helps you to verbalize and communicate in new ways that help your personal relationships. To increase the positive impact of this transit, take care to eat citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C.

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