tiger Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Your professional activity will be feverish, and it'll be necessary to coordinate things in the most logical way possible. The cosmic influxes could wake up an unusual ardor in you that'll make you fall in love very easily. At home, you'll show yourself much more communicative than usual; the atmosphere will be very merry. Nervousness and anxiety might overtake you; to fight them, eat a balanced, organic diet.

October 23,2021

Your mind for initiative and undertaking will manifest itself to support your ambition; you won't fear risk, and this will assure your success. You'll work much, most often in tandem, and will receive warm encouragements. You'll achieve feats in your professional life, to the surprise of all; however, beware of an exaggerated feeling of euphoria. Possible catastrophe on the emotional plane; the only means to limit the damage is to accept with resignation the constraints and disappointments imposed by the circumstances.

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