sheep Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Harmonious, peaceful and secure sentimental life, as you like it. It'll be the moment to establish a vast program of savings in order to prevent month-ends from continually turning into nightmares. Don't bury yourself in your hideaway, go out to meet other people; that'll boost up your morale and will open unforeseen horizons to you. It would be about time to take more serious care of your children, to share in their worries and projects; thus the emotional ties will be tightened and lead to real complicity.

October 23,2021

Don't lend money to your friends without having thought twice and even many times: You may never see your money or your friends again -- or more probably both of them. Nothing really serious should come to thwart your plans; but this won't be a reason for taking excessive risks. You'll be torn between the desire to act, to forge ahead and the fear of failure. So long as you won't have opted for a well-defined attitude, you'll find yourself in a terribly uncomfortable situation and may miss many opportunities; well, make up your mind!

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