rat Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Accept the precious advice from your family instead of being obstinate. Don't do anything unusual for the moment at your work, because nothing positive will come of it. You'll often ask yourself anguishing questions about life, death and beyond. Certain natives of the sign will be assailed by almost irresistible fantasies. It'll be the moment to go discovering, to broaden your horizons; you must follow up your new friendships, which are going to enrich you intellectually.

October 23,2021

You'll evolve with pleasure in an atmosphere of good understanding with your family. For many natives, the heart will be inclined to a form of love-colored comradeship. Don't be too confident in the achievement of your projects; it's always better to prevent than to cure. Charm, brightness, glamour: Such are the assets that the stars will grant you. It's to say that you'll make people envious. It will, however, be necessary to be on guard against excessive optimism, which would incline to commit errors of appreciation.

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