rabbit Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

The astral influxes will incite excellent chances of success if you must make delicate moves or make decisions concerning your sentimental or familial future. At work, you'll have the best chances possible to bring your enterprises to a successful conclusion. Possibility of inflammations, transitory fevers and, above all, toothache. Don't be afraid to express your ideas, and you will be favored by fortune.

October 23,2021

Try to profit fully by the good influences of the Moon to give yourself a good form; but don't daydream, as good form must be worked at! Don't harbor unbounded ambitions, don't undertake tasks that far exceed your capacities; know how to limit yourself if you mean to remain in good physical and mental health. If you must make intellectual efforts this time, you'll be very much favored by the astral influxes. Your mind will have the capacity to devote itself successfully to numerous different domains without losing its efficiency.

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