pig Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Carefully avoid delicate subjects of conversation such as religion or politics, otherwise watch out for disputes! The moment will be good for asking for a pay raise or trying to get a promotion. Very satisfactory health, but under the condition that you are moderate in food matters. Improving your appearance may increase your prestige and give you back your self-confidence; don't skimp on your efforts in this venture.

October 23,2021

Taxes, bills, drafts -- all this will fall on you at the same time. You'll find the means to increase your gains or to get returns on your resources; however, don't indulge in dubious financial operations. Wait some more time before trying your luck with some degree of chance, for the astral ambiance of the moment will hardly be favorable to you concerning such operations. Profit by this very propitious astral configuration to have positive thoughts and the will to improve things around you, even though the task seem immense to you.

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