monkey Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

A very satisfactory day for mental activities as well as meetings of all kinds. You'll be able to carry out some of your dearest ambitions thanks to your tenacity. Your intuition will incline you toward showing an interest in everything that's unexplainable. Love won't be totally at rest -- it will be necessary to foresee some ordeals for sincere lovers; some natives of the sign will be sent far away from their tender halves, others will have to leave temporarily for abroad.

October 23,2021

You'll know how to communicate your joy of living and your enthusiasm to your entourage. In your professional activity as well as in your family life, you'll multiply projects while greatly favoring team spirit. Always a risk of excessive nervousness and overwork; you have an exaggerated tendency to trespass your limits; moderate your ardors and take some rest. Avoid food excesses too, for your stomach and kidneys might take their revenge by playing dirty tricks on you.

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