horse Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Control your financial accounts closely and make sure that you have paid all your bills; failing this, you might encounter a big piece of bad luck. The time will be propitious to a stabilization of your amorous situation or a legalization of your relationships. You'll feel vague anxieties; however, make yourself at ease and nothing unpleasant can happen to you. Beware of possible bouts of gluttony.

October 23,2021

Careerwise, it's routine that'll quite prevail. Avoid all decisions that wouldn't be maturely thought out. There'll be troubles in your family life: You'll have the impression that your spouse is purposefully trying you drive you crazy, you won't feel sufficiently loved and supported, and, according to you, your children should show more gratefulness toward you. Try to dedramatize the situation.

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