dragon Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

Workwise, you will no longer be fearful of obstacles and you'll take up impressive challenges. If you're invited to a marriage or family party, don't decline -- you could make an enthralling encounter there. To preserve or recover your physical fitness, practice exercises without forcing yourself, and feed yourself in a wholesome way. By continuing to live from day to day, you're likely to find yourself at a dead end; perhaps you'll have to take drastic measures to do some savings.

October 23,2021

You'll perhaps have the impression that it all is too good to be true. The love life of many of you will take on a very concrete turn; you'll have an opportunity to deepen your means of communication by their bodies. You'll live in a state of euphoria: Not only will you see life through rose-colored glasses, but you'll also be convinced that no problem is insoluble and that everything can turn out well in one way or another. There'll be an aspect of exceptional chance, of optimism and happiness, which must be materialized by successes and money entries.

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