dog Chinese Horoscope

October 22,2021

You would be well advised to renew a contact with an old friend; they might help you find a solution to some of your present personal problems. Swept by brimming enthusiasm, you'll tend to undertake more things than you can manage. Beware of excessive perfectionism, otherwise you may encounter unnecessary problems. Most speculations will be favored, but remain careful in real estate. Beware of killjoy!

October 23,2021

The attitudes of those whom you love will seem very negative to you; it will be difficult for you to find an area of understanding or harmony, and then you'll tend to withdraw into yourself or, occasionally to flare up in anger. Risks of sentimental storms, perhaps even a rupture; but this won't be totally negative. You'll be inclined to keep a low profile and no longer systematically seek to occupy the fore of the scene. You'll win in depth and also in lucidity.

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